A friendly greeting used in Central Europe,
across national and language borders.
It means "at your service".


Though "electronic" communication (email, mainly) became increasingly popular when Wolfgang started this company in 1999,
the " e" in econsult stands for his last name, Eigner. The "eco"-association was intentional, too.

How can Wolfgang be of service ...

... to your business?

Could your brand need more magic? 
Could your communication be more hypnotic?

As a marketing and communications expert Wolfgang has worked in all disciplines of corporate and marketing communications and has consulted large worldwide brands, but also small local startups.

... to you personally?

Are you confident enough? Is something holding you back? 
Do you need more motivation?

Wolfgang is Master Practitioner in NLP, he has trained with both of the founders: John Grinder and Richard Bandler; and he's a Master Practitioner in Ericssonian hypnotherapy, certified by British Hypnosis Research (pendulum not needed)

Two sides of the same coin, really

It's people who grow brands

Not a corporation, some legal entity, not an organisation or structure. It's people, with all their hopes and aspirations, their amazing potential and current short-comings.

Their work reflects their personality. And if too many different personalities push and pull one and the same brand, it will become distorted.

Help people grow brands

Therefore, if you really want to grow brands, start with yourself, with your people. Let their diverse personalities become a resource for the brand, not a distraction.
We do that by helping people to grow, by shaping diverse teams and ultimately by helping them to grow their brands.

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