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Financial Numbers are an outcome of business will, a compass maybe, but never the True North.

About the value of mission in business (and politics by the way, analogically): It strikes me that many boards seem to have forgotten that what might motivate analysts and shareholders doesn't necessarily excite their employees. And it for sure doesn't improve customer relationships.

Is slow marketing the new buzzword?

Have you considered slow marketing? Are you stressed from trying to grow your followers, leads and sales too quickly?

If you're using Facebook ads, this "How-to" is a must read.

Facebook detailled targeting: how to laser-select your target group.

A/B Tests that do more than validate

A/B Tests are an old (secret) Direct Marketing weapon that have become a lot more current again in the Digital Age, thanks to the minimization of production cost. Here's a great article on how to get more out of them than just a simple A or B decision. Also worth your time if you're a #startup

How Four-Numbers Can Send You Millions of Visitors from Google in 2016

That idea is so simple it hurts. But yes, wonder what those four numbers are?

How Pokemon went viral - again

A look at the marketing behind the game and how this could help future AR campaigns

7 Tips for More Effective B2B Demand Generation

Interesting. Read this and tell me if you understand more than 50% of what he tries to say. I always thought clarity of language would rank high on a list of "xx tips for more ëffective xxx generation"

The right way to calculate the ROI of digital marketing

Lifetime value of customer. An old direct marketing metrics, getting more importance again. So easy to ask, but oh so difficult to calculate.

Video Promotion: Secrets from Marketers Who’ve Done it Right

Marketers are doing it all wrong. Producing more content doesn't mean more success. The real key is how you promote your content.

Do you captivate your readers? 5 elements of crafting a compelling story.

A nice model on how to captivate your audiences. If you write, read! IF you want to captivate readers of non-fiction, you need to know how to craft compelling stories. Read this article to find out exactly how to do craft stories.

A case for integrated marketing analytics

If you like that quote, read the article. It nicely sums up Forrester research commissioned by Google: Companies that tie marketing performance to business results are far more likely to reach and exceed their goals.

Board of innovation - 100+ sources that every innovation professional should know.

This is enough stuff for 5 lives. Believe me, look at last at some of the links, even if you don't need inspiration... The challenge of ever-accelerating change is to keep yourself up to date. On this page you will find 100+ sources every innovation pro should know.

Lessons learned watching digital agencies sell consulting contracts

9 Lessons for Digital Agencies. But come to think of it, they're valid for any kind of consulting service, indeed for any service. One of the most interesting things about running my business Credo has been watching the Pros on the platform sell their services to businesses interest in hiring a digital agency.

How (Not) to Name a Company in the Digital Era

Most of this is common sense, but there are a few points that are actually new and surprising, e.g. that having a number in the domain name(!) increases web site traffic. Must read for everyone who has to find a new brand name. Wharton research reveals what should go into corporate or brand names to attract more online traffic.

5 Ways to Transform Your Business with Better Data

Another buzz word: data. We talked about it 25 years ago in direct marketing. Suddenly it's "hot". never thought it would take so long: easy to read article. Effective marketing strategies rely on a powerful platform of data to power the right connections with the right audience at the right time.

What ‪#‎professionalservices‬ can learn from ‪#‎startup‬ branding

A very short article, unfortunately, whish it had more meat to the bone. But it starts alright and presents a very simple template to B2B branding: Branding is a crucial part of a startup's success: they need to let people know quickly and effectively who they are and why they have emerged on the scene.

Killer Tools to Monitor Your Personal and Blog Brand, Basic Blog Tips

I didn't know all of them and they might be quite useful, especially for small companies and startups, not only for personal branding as is mentioned in the title. I could easily imagine @KnowEm is a lifesaver for people looking for a new brand name, for instance.

How to Find Website Optimization Opportunities

Thorough article from someone who really knows. I shall put some of the tools he writes about into practice for our own website. Reveals the whole strategy for identifying website optimization opportunities and gives some quick wins to implement on your website.

The ultimate guide to creating a killer explainer video

This article has it all: ‪#‎templates‬, ‪#‎infographics‬. ‪#‎how‬-to step-by-step information and even a downloadable ‪#‎quickguide‬. All you ever wanted to know about videos on your site

An introduction to using keywords for inbound marketing‬

This is based on an original survey of 1000 bloggers, so well worth the time.

How extremely useful: E-Marketer Tools – 2016 edition [infographic]

The keyword here is "keyword" :) An introduction to using SEO ‪#‎keywords‬ for inbound ‪#‎marketing‬

Research Reveals Success Tactics of Top Bloggers: 11 Trends in ‪#ContentMarketing‬

This is based on an original survey of 1000 bloggers, so well worth the time.

The Anatomy of a Shareable, Linkable & Popular Post: A Study of Our Marketing Blog

I would have guessed wrong for some of the results, let alone following them myself. But highly recommended reading if you're into content: Find out our winning formula for content that ranks in the search engines, gains social share and earns links, so that you can replicate our success

Popular Now: Native Content Networks

Interesting blog post, trying to wrap my head around the world of content. But it seems the more I swim, the faster the river flows...

Why Your Elevator Pitch Is Your Single Best ‪Marketing‬ Tool

Brain Health Warning: this article contains simple recipes. I'm against simple recipes, but I understand they can be helpful for many people.

Diving in

"Advertising is when you tell people how great you are. PR is when someone else says how great you are." Guy Kawasaki

"Content Marketing is when they read your publications and discover how great you are." Wolfgang Eigner

I've decided to finally dive into content marketing for my own company, not only always for my clients. So watch this space for my epic struggles.